We offer a wide range of copier and printer tech from industry-leading manufacturers that can serve your needs no matter how big or small. Even better, our equipment comes bundled with CopyFax’s first-class service package, so you can enjoy all the good parts of your new copier without any of the hair-pulling of install. 

CopyFax has been the Big Bend region’s premier dealer in all things copier since 1999. We’re proud to service an array of products, including those from industry-leader and innovator Konica Minolta. 


Copy, scan, print, fax – these guys
do it all! Available in both black and white and color, our multi-function machines can handle a wide range of needs. Plus, programmable functions and shortcuts make day-to-day tasks easy-breezy.


No job too big! Our black and white or color production machines are ready to tackle large print volumes while maintaining the highest quality. We offer production print solutions at speeds of over 100 pages per minute and a wide range of finishing features.


Small but mighty! Space-efficient and user-friendly, our fleet of desktop printers and multifunction products can fulfill your office needs.


For industries that need wide printing options, from construction and architecture to advertising and design – the list could go on and on. Our wide-format printers help you save time and money by printing your plans and images in-house.


Choosing the right copier is a big deal. The right machine can streamline your processes and simplify daily tasks. The wrong one can slow you down, test your patience, and find itself thrown out the window!

Let us determine which copier is right for you. Our account analysis can help you identify which services you’ll need and ensure you’re making an economical decision.

Not sure which copier is your soulmate? Contact us today and our Copy Experts will help you find the right fit.